Emerging Leader Series

The Emerging Leader course is designed for self-identified or agency identified potential police leaders. That may include aspiring sergeants and/or field training officers. This course will expose potential police leaders to basic police leadership topics before they undertake official promotional processes. The Emerging Leader course enables agencies to give potential organizational leaders a sample of what the world of police leadership is about before they engage in the promotional process. Young men and women can self-assess if a leadership role is what they want at this moment in their careers. Emerging Leader will also provide insight into why agency leaders make some of the decisions they make in the agency setting. It has the potential to create cohesive communication and agency actions among those exposed to this education. As agency leaders, we hope you see the value in preparing everyone to be a leader. Emerging Leader gives you that opportunity.

Six essential topics provide an orientation to police leadership that will prepare these women and men to serve at the direct supervisor level in their respective police organizations. The topics include:

  1. Leadership Challenge: A Tested Leadership Model – Model the Way; Inspire a Shared Vision; Challenge the Process; Enable Others to Act; and Encourage the Heart.
  2. Ethics and the Police Leader – This session involves a day of ethical decision-making and command decision-making. Much of this material is based on the Josephson Ethics Institute material
  3. Generations in the Workplace – This session involves understanding how millennials and Gen Z impact the police environment…how to recruit this generation and how to lead them.
  4. Employee Stress – This session focuses on physical, emotional and mental health in all of our officers and includes discussion about how organizations contribute to the stress officers face.
  5. Emotional and Social Intelligence – This day is spent examining the five basic components of emotional intelligence, based primarily on the work of Daniel Goleman.
  6. The DiSC Personality Inventory – To lead others, we must first know who we are. The DiSC personality inventory allows officer to understand their basic personality and how to assess their peers. It is one of the most thorough and easily administered inventory of its kind in the world.

The Emerging Leaders Series 6 session course is priced at $500 per registrant for members of the IACP and $650 for non-member registrants (does not include travel, hotel, and food).

2022 ELS Location & Dates TBA

 Course Title


Leadership Challenge: A Tested Leadership Model


Ethics and the Police Leader


Generations in the Workplace


Employee Stress


Emotional and Social Intelligence





Police Leadership Academy (PLA)

2022 PLA Location & Dates TBA

This course is designed to meet the needs of professional law enforcement employees serving in supervisory through mid-level management ranks. Leadership topics are approached from an advanced supervisory to organizational level with critical human dimension components included. Graduates of the three modules will be armed with a skill set that promotes a more detailed understanding of team building, communication styles, servant leadership, the importance of legitimacy and procedural justice and followership in the dynamic and ever-changing world of policing.

Each Module is priced at $750 per registrant (does not include travel, hotel, and food). Register for all three PLA modules at once and receive a discounted rate of $2100 per registrant (does not include travel, hotel, and food).